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This is free to install till . It will be officially released for $19.99.

*****Forza Horizon 3 Mobile INSTALLER FOR ANDROID and iOS*****

The best Android game is now available to download! Forza Horizon 3 is an open world racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios

It's time to have fun with Forza Horizon 3 on your phone, and online with your friends: The creators did not let us down this time either, even though some of the fans say that the graphics do not compare with that of the Xbox/Ps4/PC. The developers have taken into account the large number of smartphone and tablet users and have created it much more faster than we had expected.

This Forza Horizon 3 Android and iOS game is the main choice for Forza fanatics who love to play on the go. The Forza Horizon 3 Mobile app is a racing video game with all new cars. Once again, this breathtaking graphical masterpiece will keep you entertained for hours on end. This mobile app is the most downloaded game in 2017!

Our team is more than proud to bring you the FULL beta version of the game as it has not been officially released by Playground Games for the masses. When the game is officially released, it's not going to be free to download. There will be in game purchases as well where you can buy different decals, car skins, etc. The features on this game are more advanced than the PC and Console versions. Get READY for some immense, intense, brain stimulating action.

Forza Horizon 3 android has, hands down the best graphics on todays mobile platforms and can be compared to Playstation or Xbox. Though, this greatly depends on which device you are using. Latest mobile phones which have a better processor, ram and graphics perform better than the older devices. Good thing is that it also works on tablets running android version 4.0 or higher. Some people suggest playing on tablet because they have a bigger screen.

Since the number of gamers have increased a lot in mobile platfroms during these last few years, developers are trying their best to bring their widely known games to phones. Now a days we can find a quad core processor on phones with powerful ram and graphics which is enough to run Forza on 1024x768 resolution. Read more


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4 506,727

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Stev Chenn

Loved it It was fun to play, really good graphics considering that it runs on mobile phone.

Willy Herrera

Suggestions It would be really good if this game would install automatically instead of direct download. Other than that Forza Horizon 3 Mobile is aweso...

Divyanshu Rawat

A lot of pixelation on big screen sizes It runs pretty slow on my galaxy s7. I had to use low settings on some races and takes lot of time to load. Anyways its still a great game.

Urjit Talati

Worst game I downloaded this game then I had to verify to install, after installing I played one mission which was good but I cannot play again. It freezes...

Alan Standley

It's free I got to download it for free for limited time, which makes me super happy to know I was a beta tester.

Jennifer Mask

Forza Horizon 3 on your phone. If you want to play Forza where ever you want then this is the game for you. Downfall is that My phone heats up quickly even after playing few minutes.

Sergeant Mason

Legendary read below Thus is by far the best game I have ever played!.Great graphics and awesome guns, plus super fun gameplay.

Ian Joseph

Best android game This is the best android game I have ever played. I play this game when I cannot take my xbox with me. Best thing is I can continue missi...

What's New

Alongside the visual overhaul that will come with the upgraded release of newer games, content additions will also be present for new and returning players.
- New settings for both android and ios Users
- Great graphics An overhaul on graphics to make it look realistic its no wonder this game can get addicting
- Customize Skins Your cars can be customized in all aspects